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DENEIR- Nowhen EP (SAA1157)

After countless remixes and guest appearances, DENEIR releases the his debut solo recording. The 7 track Nowhen EP curves acoustic sounds into new electronic shapes. Features a rare remix by Warp Records legends, Autechre.

The Weird Weeds- Weird Feelings (SAA1139)

Since their inception, Austin’s The Weird Weeds have been carving out a musical space for themselves that is unlike anything else around them. Their new record (and second full-length) Weird Feelings further explores the nature of their individuality, showcasing a much more refined and fully-realized sound than on their previous releases. Clocking in at just under 30 minutes, the music of Weird Feelings is inspiring both in the subtlety of its craft and the immediacy of its emotional impact, packing more ideas into 90 seconds than most bands do in a song three times that length. It is the result of relentless performing and songwriting as well as a firm commitment to faith in their own imaginations. With Weird Feelings, The Weird Weeds have established themselves as an important voice in the worlds of both pop and experimental music. They utilize the best of each genre while adhering to the constraints of neither.

The Weird Weeds- This Is Not What You Want (SAA1130)

Called the “best band in Austin, TX” by Tiny Mix Tapes, The Weird Weeds are an experimental pop band with two guitars, drums, male/female vocals, and lots of strange noises. This Is Not What You Want is something of a departure from the group’s usual work in that the songs feature a quieter, stripped-down instrumentation including acoustic guitar and minimal percussion. Despite these changes, the music is still consistent with the band’s unique melodic and harmonic sense and knack for defying any predetermined genres.