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Shiny Around The Edges- Holy Roller (SAA1149)

Holy Roller, Shiny Around the Edges’ debut, is both jaggedly bleak and crushingly beautiful. Recorded with Matthew J. Barnhart (Shearwater, The New Year) at The Echo Lab deep in the Blackland Prairie of North Texas, Holy Roller is a dark triumph of no wave, folk, ambient noise, metal and country gothic.

20 Bands/74.4 Minutes! (SAA1153)

Lovingly assembled by Michael and Jennifer of Shiny Around The Edges, 20 Bands/74.4 Minutes! showcases a staggering amount of diversity in the long-simmering scene. As the liner notes accurately summerize: “Much like the fabled Smell in L.A., Denton is not just a physical place but a mental space where creativity is fostered and all are welcome.”