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therefore- The Bomb Grant (SAA1133)

An overwhelming listen, The Bomb Grant is the final album from Michael Kaufmann (ex-Soul-Junk) and Wayne Feldman. Upwards of two years time was spent crafting the edge of noise into a kind of technological voodoo. The impulse to give a circuit board a soul exists and is abandoned. However soft ears will bear out the Spirit inside. Presented in two epic compositions therefore eclipses last years L.G.F.C.A. with an even more challenging, esoteric masterwork. Patience not included.

therefore- L.G.F.C.A. (SAA1128)

Digital never sounded so disturbed. After performing live for 30 hours straight, remixing Xn. and Soul-Junk, recording a songless ode to AM radio (in mono on cassette no less), charging an hours wage per CD and intentionally erasing all traces of their existence, therefore propagates the greatest “free” album ever made. A high concept/low frequency full length album years in the making, L.G.F.C.A. is therefore at their finest. The spirit of early Aphex Twin is conjured in the cello/violin/acid beats of “Mexico On A Budget” whilst tracks like “Apartment Complex” and “Free Soundtrack” startle with their anti-chrome, pro-implosion sound. On L.G.F.C.A. the ego has been remixed into white noise and live snare drum hits. By the time you reach the thirteenth minute of “Drivers License Renewal” you will understand all that came before.

Xn.- ideas without numbers (SAA1118)

A collection of five short ambient guitar pieces from Chris Schlarb recorded in 1999 and released as a limited edition album totaling less than 10 minutes. Built around the unorthodox but simple sounds coaxed out of the electric guitar the original album was meant to be listened to repeatedly. After the limited release sold out, Schlarb contacted a number of different experimental, electronic and hip-hop artists to gauge interest in remixes and reinterpretations.

therefore- ocean (SAA1106)

An album of subtle ambient beauty, ocean is full of warmth and sound. banjo, clarinet, organ, alternately fill the ears with saturating bursts of static and tambourines. clicks and noise swirl quietly, like melodies, around drums, cymbals and electronics. This cassette only release comes to us from the catalog of the recently liquidated inlet recordings. ocean was recorded between January 1998 and November 2000, in Lewisburg, PA; Olympia, WA; and San Diego, CA. A stark analog contrast to the group’s later period output, ocean remains one of therefore’s most fully realized artistic statements.