Xn.- ideas without numbers (SAA1118)

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A collection of five short ambient guitar pieces from Chris Schlarb recorded in 1999 and released as a limited edition album totaling less than 10 minutes. Built around the unorthodox but simple sounds coaxed out of the electric guitar the original album was meant to be listened to repeatedly. After the limited release sold out, Schlarb contacted a number of different experimental, electronic and hip-hop artists to gauge interest in remixes and reinterpretations.

Collected here in this remastered and remixed release are three distinctly individual representations of ideas without numbers. Each of the original five pieces have been remixed twice and laid aside one another in their own distinct space. Remixes from Omid (Freestyle Fellowship, Beneath the Surface), outputmessage (Ghostly International, Dabrye), languis (Plug Research, Nobody), Siamese Sisters (Vla Hemia), Accident (Bizzart, Acid Reign), Patagonian, Yochannan, therefore, Deneir and anaphylaxis.

Track Listing
01. gone home early [mp3]
02. palindromic tone
03. migration
04. flood tide
05. clocks, unwinding
06. gone home early (omid remix) [mp3]
07. palindromic tone (outputmessage remix)
08. migration (siamese sisters remix)
09. flood tide (yochannan remix)
10. clocks, unwinding (accident remix)
11. gone home early (deneir remix)
12. palindromic tone (patagonian remix)
13. migration (therefore remix)
14. flood tide (languis remix)
15. clocks, unwinding (anaphylaxis remix)

“dreamy, soundtrack-y, delay and echo-laden ‘anti-guitar’ guitar pop.”- music (for robots)


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