20 Bands/74.4 Minutes! (SAA1153)


When Sounds Are Active released the film 40 BANDS/80 MINUTES! in 2006, artists like Abe Vigoda, Gowns, HEALTH, Naomi, Anavan, No Age (performing as Wives) and yes, even, I Heart Lung were not yet being covered by much of the independent press. Fast forward a few years and many of these groups have already achieved both critical and artistic success. 40 BANDS/80 MINUTES! stands as the definitive document of the Los Angeles underground in the mid 2000’s.

With 20 Bands/74.4 Minutes! we lovingly repeat the process with the Denton, Texas musical underground. Assembled by Michael and Jennifer of Shiny Around The Edges, 20 Bands/74.4 Minutes! showcases a staggering amount of diversity in the long-simmering scene. As the liner notes accurately summerize: “Much like the fabled Smell in L.A., Denton is not just a physical place but a mental space where creativity is fostered and all are welcome.”

Track Listing

01. Shiny Around the Edges “Come Closer” [mp3]
Written by Jennifer Seman © 2009 Shiny Music (ASCAP)

02. Fight Bite “Spring Rain” [mp3]
Written by Fight Bite © 2008 Fight Bite

03. Tre Orsi “The Visible Hand” [mp3]
Written by Tre Orsi © 2009 Tre Orsi

04. Mom “Josh Likes Me” [mp3]
Written by Mom © 2007 tiny taun publishing (ASCAP)

05. Record Hop “Rocket Séance” [mp3]
Written by Record Hop © 2008 Record Hop

06. Dust Congress “Sow a $58 Seed” [mp3]
Written by Nick Foreman © 2009 a vampire in my bathtub music (ASCAP)

07. The Make Believers “Anytime is a Good Time” [mp3]
Written by William Kapinos © 2009 William Kapinos

08. Heartstring Stranglers “Jennie” [mp3]
Written by Frederick Schulze © 2008 The Heartstring Stranglers

09. Darktown Strutters “Quakertown” [mp3]
Written by Kara Howell © 2007 Darktown Strutters

10. Zanzibar Snails “The Pendulum, The Dirigible” [mp3]
Written by Forbes/Hill/Chamy © 2006 Zanzibar Snails

11. Paul Slavens “Piece for Piano and Wind Trio: I Allegro” [mp3]
Recorded live with the following musicians: Paul Slavens, piano;
Gabe Lit, clarinet; Domenica Fossati, flute; Laura Romberg, oboe
Written by Paul Slavens © 2008 Paul Slavens

12. Kaboom “Helen Keller” [mp3]
Written by Brad Santulli, Chris Cowdrey, Garrick Campsey, and Ethan Hahn
© 2008 Kaboom

13. History at Our Disposal “Bed of Leaves” [mp3]
Written by Jason Reimer © 2006 handsfortoes

14. Daniel Folmer “Skin and Bones” [mp3]
Written by Daniel Folmer © 2008 Ganglo Music (ASCAP)

15. Delmore Pilcrow “The Most Popular Mister” [mp3]
Written by Chris Garver © 2008 Chris Garver

16. Florene “Street Caring” [mp3]
Written by Aaron Mollet © 2008 Florene

17. Sean Kirkpatrick “The Paper” [mp3]
Written by Sean Kirkpatrick © 2007 (BMI)

18. Handbrake “Brillo’s Aftermath” [mp3]
Written by Handbrake © 2008 Handbrake

19. Glen Farris “When the Dawn Finds You” [mp3]
Written by Glen Farris © 2008 Glen Farris

20. Notes from Underground “No. 3, July 2006” [mp3]
Written by Notes from Underground © 2008 Notes from Underground

“Though 20 Bands/74.4 Minutes! isn’t 100 percent comprehensive, the compilation is pretty remarkable because, despite featuring a wide-ranging swathe of agro to mellow Denton acts, the album still manages to sustain a sense of continuity.”- Dallas Observer


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