The Weird Weeds- Weird Feelings (SAA1139)

Since their inception, Austin’s The Weird Weeds have been carving out a musical space for themselves that is unlike anything else around them. Their new record (and second full-length) Weird Feelings further explores the nature of their individuality, showcasing a much more refined and fully-realized sound than on their previous releases.

Clocking in at just under 30 minutes, the music of Weird Feelings is inspiring both in the subtlety of its craft and the immediacy of its emotional impact, packing more ideas into 90 seconds than most bands do in a song three times that length. It is the result of relentless performing and songwriting as well as a firm commitment to faith in their own imaginations. With Weird Feelings, The Weird Weeds have established themselves as an important voice in the worlds of both pop and experimental music. They utilize the best of each genre while adhering to the constraints of neither.

The Weird Weeds are:
Sandy Ewen- guitar, vocals
Nick Hennies- percussion, vocals
Aaron Russell- guitar


Tucker Dulin- trombone
Kurt Newman- pedal steel
Ralph E. White- kalimba
Nathan Gage, Red Hunter, Rory Seydel, Karmin Snow, Caila Thompson-Hannant- vocals

Track Listing
01. Bad Dreams
02. Weird Feelings
03. Nose to the Wind
04. In Your Arms
05. Tupper
06. Broken Arm
07. You Win!
08. For You to See Me [mp3]
09. Alley
10. Salt Shaker
11. One-eyed Cloud [mp3]
12. Cold Medicine

“Call it what happens when Wire or the Minutemen’s aesthetic approach is applied to 21st century psychedelia … but the end result is a series of surprising and swiftly captivating performances.”- All Music Guide

“Exploring the line between post-pop and experimental noise, Weird Feelings is truly a record that must be heard to be understood.”- XLR8R Magazine

“…light years ahead of most bands…”- Dusted Magazine

“Hennies’s and Ewen’s vocal accompaniments are deceptively bare and utterly evocative. The rawness of the simple musical elements punctuates and elucidates often impenetrable lyrics… Weird Feelings is tempered with musings that offer glimmers of the coming thaw.”- Venus Magazine

“With… Weird Feelings, Austin’s The Weird Weeds have created one of the year’s strangest and most beautiful albums.”- Gorilla Vs. Bear

“…while these songs are unpredictable, they never sound haphazard or improvised; instead, the band plays and composes with high regard for subtlety.”- Pitchfork

“Weird Feelings, the second full length from Austin’s The Weird Weeds, packs hours of subtle psychedelia, curious changes, and gorgeous harmonies into a very trim and compact thirty minutes. Never before have two voices, two guitars and a drum set sounded so expansive and yet been played so succinctly and expertly … “- Indie Workshop

“…a beautifully unnerving experience.”- Austin Chronicle

“The Weird Weeds [have a] powerful grasp on both economy and subtlety, managing to say everything they need to in less than a minute and some change, allowing everything the song says to be delivered with the utmost regard for the effect all the individual sounds have on one other.”- Tiny Mix Tapes

“Quite captivating in a rather humane, schizophrenic way.”- Dream Magazine


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