DENEIR- Nowhen EP (SAA1157)


After countless remixes and guest appearances, DENEIR releases the his debut solo recording. The 7 track Nowhen EP curves acoustic sounds into new electronic shapes. Nowhen features contributions from The Weird WeedsNick Hennies, Melk The G6-49’s Karl Hoffstetter and Chris Schlarb. Not to be outdone, the EP also features a rare remix by Warp Records legends, Autechre.

Track Listing
1. Quantum Foam and Non-Spagettification
2. Load Universe Into Cannon. Aim At Brain. Fire!
3. n’exprimez rien
4. The Ten Thousand Things
5. Piaf Peeloff [mp3]
6. The Winding Ladder
7. The Winding Ladder (Autechre Mix)

Written and Produced by DENEIR

Kris Castro- guitar on “n’exprimez rien”
Nick Hennies- drums on “n’exprimez rien”
Karl Hofstetter- drums on “Piaf Peeloff” and “Quantum Foam and Non-Spagettification”
Chris Schlarb- electric guitar on “Piaf Peeloff” and “Quantum Foam and Non-Spagettification”
Giovanni Serrato- field recordings on “The Winding Ladder”

Artwork by Jonathan Dueck


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