Rare Grooves- Rare Grooves 7″ (SAA1156)

Washing hither and thither through the rip tide of the Los Angeles music scene, Rare Grooves was formed out of break up of The Widow Babies. Guitarist Danny Miller and drummer Tabor Allen launched themselves into fresh ideas and new singing duties, arriving very quickly at a recording date with their hero and bass master Mike Watt. Produced by long-time collaborator Chris Schlarb, Rare Grooves‘ songs are saturated in bay city sunshine and breezy palm tree shade.

Track Listing
01. Cause For Concern [mp3]
02. No Garden

Tabor Allen- drums
Danny Miller- electric guitar
Andrew Pompey- congas
Chris Schlarb- tambourine, electric guitar solo on “No Garden”
Mike Watt- electric bass

Songs by Tabor Allen and Danny Miller
Produced by Chris Schlarb

Recorded at The Compound in Long Beach, CA. on February 3rd, 2010
Engineered by Jeff Lewis and David Macwean

Artwork and Design by Danny Miller and Tabor Allen

A Co-Release with Papermade Records


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