Patagonian- 6 Lonely Tales of One Lonely Riot Grrrl (SAA1114)

Charcoal hewn ambient hip-hop experiments. These are not hollow hip-hop instrumentals, Patagonian’s tracks are cinematic rivers of avant-garde piano, dirty, mutating beats and time-stretched/pitch-shifted drones. Minimalist orchestrations of stings, electronics, and jazz drumming.

With fans from Soul-Junk to underground hip-hop producer Omid, Patagonian twists old things into new. In his time-stretched hands words and tones invite re-examination.

All tracks arranged and produced by Patagonian
Mastered and Edited by Accident
Artwork by Jonathan Dueck and Tim McMullen

Track Listing
01. Hands in the Face of Time [mp3]
02. Sugar Coated [mp3]
03. Plastic Flamingos [mp3]
04. Dead Batteries [mp3]

“Patagonian… delivers with brave solidity and a rare purposefulness, and 6 Lonely Tales of One Lonely Riot Grrrl is a fun exploration on the fringes of instrumental hip-hop.”- Ink 19


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