I Heart Lung- The Kannenberg Sessions (SAA1136)

A long distance run-around recorded in Paris, Long Beach and London. Field recordings by Chicagoan John Kannenberg were provided to I Heart Lung who treated them as another improvisor. Without listening to the recordings the group, joined by bassist Anthony Shadduck, mimiced, goaded and otherwise played with the pre-recorded sounds; somehow changing the static to the fluid.

Recorded in Long Beach immediately following the return from their 2005 tour with Castanets and Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice.

John Kannenberg- field recordings
Chris Schlarb- electric guitar
Anthony Shadduck- acoustic bass
Tom Steck- drums

Produced and engineered by Chris Schlarb
Recorded at Tackyland, Long Beach, CA.
Artwork by Tom Steck

Track Listing
01. The Illusion of Going Somewhere
02. Skipping Harrison [mp3]
03. Veronica
04. The Use and Abuse of Materials
05. Deluge Ex Machina
06. Serpentine Walk

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