I Heart Lung- I Heart Christmas (SAA1143)


A timeless collection of holiday cheer. Recorded in one afternoon and mixed in another, this five song EP includes four Christmas standards as well as the I Heart Lung original, “Santa Claus Vs. Dracula.”

An album destined to be included in the popular holiday lexicon with Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and King Crimson, put this on at your next ornament exchange or Jello-swap and watch eyes, hearts and lungs fill up with the Christmas spirit!

Chris Schlarb- electric guitar, bells
Anthony Shadduck- acoustic bass, bells
Tom Steck- acoustic drums (no bells!)

Produced and Engineered by Chris Schlarb

Artwork by Tom Steck

Track Listing
01. Let It Snow [mp3]
02. Carol of the Bells [mp3]
03. Little Drummer Boy [mp3]
04. Silent Night, Holy Night [mp3]
05. Santa Claus Vs. Dracula [mp3]

“I Heart Lung’s Christmas EP is full of free-form improvisations based loosely on themes from Christmas carols. “Little Drummer Boy” is the most interesting and coherent of the bunch. It takes its time getting around to the theme from the actual song, first delivered on hovering e-bowed guitar around four minutes in. Even then, you really have to concentrate to realize that the drawn-out phrases are echoing the “pah-rum-pah-pum-pums” we’re all used to. 3 out of 5 stars”- Pitchforkmedia.com


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