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Recorded in vaulted hill top church, an industrial warehouse, a community center and a living room, up and down the California coast, over the course of five months, ellul’s self titled debut is surprisingly established. Produced and engineered by Chris Schlarb the group added his electric guitar to contributions from Adam Garcia (Timonium, belltower) on drums and Anthony Shadduck (Nels Cline, I Heart Lung) on bass.

Dueling live/programmed drum patterns, shimmering guitar distortions and stunning choral harmonies are unearthed upon repeated listens. ellul have crafted a stunning debut album that reveals heavy doses of progressive electro-acoustic musicianship with each spin.

ellul is:
Joel Brown-Tarman- vocals, acoustic piano, organ, sythesizer, melodica, programming, drums, radio
Joel St. Julien- vocals, electric & acoustic guitar, electric bass, drums, programming

Adam Garcia- acoustic drums
Chris Schlarb- electric guitar, electronics, drums, radio
Anthony Shadduck- electric & acoustic guitar

Produced and engineered by Chris Schlarb
Artwork by Matias Coduri

Track Listing
01. Ballet Faces
02. Maniacs Collide
03. Blood
04. Esophagus [mp3]
05. Listen
06. Freedom
07. Swamp King [mp3]
08. Around The Bend
09. Fragrance
10. Enamel On Iron

“…nothing short of masterpieces of the songwriting craft. This is soul music for the turbulent 2000s. If quality equated with sales then Ellul would sell by the bucket-load… “- Ian Patterson, All About Jazz

“If you can imagine a vocal, instrumental, and lyrical collaboration between Radiohead and Neutral Milk Hotel, I think you’re about halfway to ellul’s sound… There is a beautiful balance of acoustic and electronic sounds throughout… I’m reluctant to highlight individual tracks because I think this set of songs is best enjoyed as a whole. There is a true sense of mood and flow here as one song carries flawlessly to the next… Skipping anything would just be missing out on a strong piece of the album. 9 out of 10″- Foxy Digitalis

“…an enjoyable if not totally surprising debut… the continuum can be more accurately labeled as the kind of not-unknown but not-top 40 version of rock and roll moodiness of bands like the Flaming Lips as well, fitting in a niche while not being entirely part of it.”- Ned Raggett, All Music Guide

“Over time, the LP proves itself as interested in hooks as much as atmosphere. And hooky or not, it is most often beautifully scary.”- Stereo Subversion

“Ellul’s music may be slow and quiet most of the time, but it is engaging enough to resist fading into the background. 4 our of 5″- Owl Magazine

“Ellul have created an utterly surprising collection of songs for their self titled debut album. Ranging in emotion and composition, the album has amazing production values…”- The Deli Magazine

“The production value of the album is stunning. Ellul manages to skirt the line between experimental and minimalist pop, mastering the ability to dip into both sides while maintaining the breathy subtlety that is the band’s signature.”- West Coast Performer Magazine

“Somewhere in between the darker side of late ‘90s indie rock and dissonant shoegaze comes the San Francisco duo Ellul. The band’s self-titled debut was recorded along the California coast in places as diverse as churches, industrial warehouses, and living rooms–which isn’t too surprising given the the guys’ lust for indie guitarscapes…”- XLR8R Magazine

“This is the sound of clouds not burning off. The sound of sleep seeds building up in the corners of your eyes. The sound of that last five minutes and five seconds before your alarm goes off. The sound of empty impossibility and pregnant pauses.”- Music For Robots

“Just another Radiohead rip-off? Only until you grasp Ellul’s reasons for calling its style “contemporary vocal music” by digging into upfront lyrics about “the painful history of a transplanted Haitian son.” Intriguing music and vocals give this debut two legs to stand on.”- East Bay Express


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