Electric iLL/Vla Hemia- split CD (SAA1124)

Long awaited, this split release collects two amazing EP’s from Viva Voce’s Kevin Robinson as Electric iLL and the Siamese Sisters produced Vla Hemia project.

The first half collects the five sought after tracks from the much whispered of Vla Hemia (MC Vinch Kashmir and Siamese Sisters). Think Golden Age Hip-Hop (Blowout Comb, Midnight Marauders, Juggaknots EP) without a retro-wish to be fresh in ‘94. These tracks lack the stale same-ness of much of mainstream boom-bap.

Electric iLL is a sound for sore ears. Recruiting Soul-Junk’s Galaxalag and Slo-Ro for phoned in (literally) raps and NY’s JSRockit, who delivers a hilariously whimsical verse on “Non-Moley Yease”, the husband-half of the fantastical Viva Voce, Kevin Robinson lets his freak flag fly. On tracks like “Nurban Gowns” he duets with a Speak-N-Spell, and constructs lunchtray turntablism, elsewhere live saw and drumkit breaks collide and fedback guitars mask unwholesome lyrical patterns. Not to be missed.

Tracks 1-5 Recorded and Produced by Siamese Sisters
Tracks 6-10 Recorded and Produced by k.Rza
Mastered by Accident
Artwork by Jonathan Dueck

Track Listing
01. Today Tomorrow
02. Break Loose [mp3]
03. Sky Driftn
04. Stash Blvd
05. Stash Blvd (Remix)
06. Nurban Gowns [mp3]
07. Trodtadot
08. Au Yu Yae
09. Non Moley Yease
10. Funaise

“One of my favorite hip hop releases this year, up there with Cyne’s Evolution Fight and Dangerdoom’s The Mouse and The Mask.”- Gorilla Vs. Bear


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