Create (!)- A Prospect of Freedom (SAA1126)

On the 19th of December, 2004, Create (!), augmented by Raymond Raposa of Castanets, Lynn Johnston and Kris Tiner, recorded its first full length album since 2001’s Patterns. A Prospect of Freedom is a beautifully dense album that birthed equally stunning musicianship over the album’s eight tracks.

This music surprises and seem to bridge the gap between Steve Reich’s Music For 18 Musicians and Ornette Coleman’s Free Jazz. Coupled with their collaborative release with Liz Janes on Asthmatic Kitty, released in September of 2005, Create (!) have entered another phase of hyperactivity. Their long-awaited, rumoured and beloved studio full length looks to be their next chapter.

Justice Constantine- acoustic drums, percussion
Orlando Greenhill- acoustic bass, percussion, voice
Lynn Johnston- clarinet, bass clarinet
Raymond Raposa- electric guitar, electronics
Chris Schlarb- electric guitar, electronics
Kris Tiner- trumpet, flugelhorn

Produced and Engineered by Chris Schlarb
Photography by Adriana Lucero-Schlarb
Layout and Design by Aaron Tanner

Track Listing
01. A Prospect Of Freedom
02. Sonny Sharrock
03. When A Single Flower Blooms, It Is Spring Everywhere
04. Circus Hammer
05. Six Dreams/Divided [mp3]
06. In (Our) Own Backyard
07. Gutei Holds Up A Finger
08. Durindana

“It was King Crimson’s Robert Fripp who said: “Discipline is never an end in itself, only a means to an end.” The guitarist from Dorset, England would no doubt be intrigued by Create (!)… The music on A Prospect of Freedom ranges from the ballad to the deafening roar, from the sublime to dark and brooding. Shimmering guitar chords sit alongside manic reed and brass in surreal juxtaposition, and untethered improvisation is balanced by serene chill-out ambience. The end result is a curiously intoxicating brew and somehow or other it all works rather beautifully.”- All About Jazz

“…their most patient and inspired album to date.”- NPR: All Songs Considered

“‘Six Dreams/Divided’ will surprise you with [its] coherence and subtlety. You can almost hear these players (who have worked with Eugene Chadbourne, Red Krayola, and Wadada Leo Smith) simultaneously listening to and playing with each other.”- Pop Matters

“The double bass comes like a hook to the throat. Out of living matter… changing form and unforeseeable following the feeling, the urgency, the impulse, and of the always different sounds but never repeated with the same emotion. They do not fall into the repetition by hiding their true intentions… These pieces evolve/move… A Jazz for which so much name “free” is an insult… “- Hi-Nu (France)


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