Bizzart- L.A. Approach 12″ (SAA1108)

This little gem of an E.P. is not the norm from your everyday “Man yo, I’m ill! I’m the hardest! And other such hyperbole!” type M.C. You know what I’m sayin’? Anyhow, what we have here is a 6 track 12″ that features the very catchy and unconventional “L.A. Approach” produced by Fourever and an incredibly dirty digital/analog experimental track from Accident called “Wax.”

The Accident Reconstruction of “Wax” is a rare instrumental reworking of the track that would later appear on Bizzart’s groundbreaking album Ear Drung. The 12″ also includes another non-album track with the classic spoken word a cappella “You Suck.”

All lyrics by Bizzart (Ninja Poetics, ASCAP)
“L.A. Approach” produced by Fourever of The Mystics
“Wax” produced by Accident

Track Listing
A1. L.A. Approach [mp3]
A2. L.A. Approach (instrumental)
A3. You Suck
B1. Wax [mp3]
B2. Wax (a cappella)
B3. Wax (Accident Reconstruction) [mp3]

“An intimidating/intriguing ride through one man’s psyche set to ultra-original production”- East Bay Express


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