Bizzart- Everybody’s Mouth (SAA1101)

Built around the unsolved murder of his father, Everybody’s Mouth, is an emotional and raw exchange of sadness, recollections, cinematic translations and introspections. Tracks such as “Stereo-typical” examine the process of predjudice, while “I Felt It!” gives insight into Bizzart’s childhood and relationship with his father.

Although not the tour-de-force that would follow with Ear Drung, Everybody’s Mouth is the debut album that started it all. The raw beats and earnest lyrics make for a compelling listen almost a decade later.

Mixed and engineered by Fourever of the Mystics
Mastered by Domination of Phalanx
Additional editing and mastering by Accident

Artwork by Carlos Mendoza III
Layout and design by Catherine Nguyen

Track Listing
01. Activate/Reactivate
02. The Upside
03. God Of Wrath
04. The Revelation
05. Matriksoxide [mp3]
06. Stereo-Typical
07. I Felt It!
08. Metaphoric Bionic
09. Shapeless
10. Testimony #1

“Like contemporary hip hop poets Saul Williams or Mike Ladd, Bizzart is more Langston Hughes than Mos Def…”- Action Attack Helicopter


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