Bizzart- Ear Drung (SAA1116)

Live free-jazz breakouts and lo-fi bass heavy glitch combine with Bizzart’s complex/abstract lyrical patterns. Over a 6 years in the making (yes, six), the album features incredible contributions and collaborations with DJ ESP, who appears on 4 tracks, Soul-Junk who produce “Nivek” and co-produce “Pink Summer in Hell” with Accident. Galaxalag also contributes vocals to “Nivek” along side other M.C.’s Freedom80 (of Non-Conformists), on “Negative Gravity” and Zane (of Tunnel Rats) on the incredibly dirty “Infinite Zero”. Also contributing to the sounds and structures are NOTICE contributors Peter Chan who lays down saxophones and clarinets on 5 cuts, Justice Constantine and Andrew Pompey who play live drums on one track each (”Protocol” and “Infinite Zero” respectively). Create (!) performs on the groove-based deconstruction that is “Stock Options on the Inner Reconstruction of Man” and Slo-Ro (of Soul-Junk) also contributes sounds to two additional tracks (”Ear Drung/Illuminate” and “Infinite Zero”).

Album artwork features all original full colour and hand-drawn art from Jonathan Dueck.

All tracks produced by Accident except:
“Ear Drung/Illuminate” co-produced by Accident and Sam Justice
“Nivek” produced by Soul-Junk
“Protocol” co-produced by Nomadic Urchin and Accident
“Pink Summer in Hell” co-produced by Soul-Junk and Accident

Mastered by Rafter Roberts

All lyrics by Bizzart (Ninja Poetics, ASCAP) except:
“Infinite Zero” lyrics co-written by Accident and Zane
“Stock Options on the Inner Reconstruction of Man” lyrics co-written by Accident
“Hummingbird Feeder” lyrics co-written by Freedom80

All artwork by Jonathan Dueck

Track Listing
01. Ear Drung/Illuminate
02. Nivek
03. Stock Options on the Inner Reconstruction of Man
04. Protocol
05. Wax
06. Pink Summer in Hell [mp3]
07. Infinite Zero
08. Negative Gravity/Hummingbird Feeder

“1 out of 10!”- Vice Magazine

“On Ear Drung, Bizzart and producer Accident weave jazz, hip-hop, trip-hop, glitch, spoken word and about a dozen other styles… The six years that went into the album are apparent in the details, like the epic sounds of the bass and percussion on “Infinite Zero”. Who knows what to call this, except fucking good.”- XLR8R

“This succinct album is a comfortable introduction to experimental hip-hop, where off-the-wall sounds merge with more conventional music-making methods- engaging rhymes and solid beats, not to mention optimum production thanks in large part to Accident…[an] honest arrangement of a passionate artist’s deeply personal work.”- Metro.pop

“In a world (hip-hop) so far removed from the conceptual framework of the album, Ear Drung feels like a minor and obscure masterpiece-cohesive, challenging, complete, and mostly unheard.”-

“Pink Summer In Hell,” which is as menacing and as strange a hip-hop track you’re likely to hear this year: Cut up voice samples of women mumbling nonsensical words screech out of the right speaker as a horror-film synth sample weaves back and forth in the mix. Glen Galaxy of Soul-Junk has said he’s probably not the guy who’s going to “dial anybody up a hit single,” and “Pink Summer” is proof of that. “Infinite Zero” could almost be the beginning of a new sci-fi-jazz-rap genre. The sound of metallic spaceship doors slam shut and open while a free-jazz ensemble consisting of acoustic piano, clarinet and claribone freak out on the port.”- Stylus Magazine

“a unique, label-defying album… Bizzart’s preference to offer substance rather than ironic plasticity alone makes this record a rare find and worthwhile listen”- Rockpile

“It’s compelling enough to listen to Ear Drung as primarily the work of a producer — production duties are handled in large part by Accident and, as if to confuse, often “by accident” — but Bizzart is a capable MC, sounding like a Bay Area transplant, his style falling somewhere directly between the Hieroglyphics and Anticon camps.”- L.A. Alternative Press

“…utterly unique. Quite possibly the very definition of avant garde but with an emphasis on intelligence rather than random or mindless stupidity. Clever doesn’t cover it—you have to use words like genius, one-of-a-kind, and groundbreaking. Get this album now and experience sound as its now meant to be.”-


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