Bizzart- Bloodshot Mama (SAA1134)

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Between 2003’s Ear Drung and 2006’s Bloodshot Mama, Bizzart became something altogether new. Once a spoken word artist turned M.C. turned abscratch expressionist Bizzart now occupies a circuit-bent performance art hip-hop space that none before him have occupied. A reformed poet who has lost faith in words alone, Bizzart has tucked Alkalyne’s boom bap into bed with Accident’s live noise comprovisations and together they dream of childhood and pray to a distant God.

The album features contributions from a staggeringly diverse group of artists including I Heart Lung, Awol One, Yarah Bravo, Justin Vollmar and Dulok Shaman.

Bizzart- vocals, electronics, percussion, tapes
Chris Schlarb- electric and acoustic guitar, electronics, percussion, keyboard
Tom Steck- acoustic drums
Justin Vollmar- acoustic guitar, vocals
Awol One- vocals
Yarah Bravo- vocals
Dulok Shaman- vocals

Produced by Alkalyne and Accident
Recorded, Engineered and Mastered by Accident @ The Red Room
All lyrics by Bizzart
Additional lyrics by Awol One, Yarah Bravo, Dulok Shaman
“Dreams of Sparrows” contains a portion of “Dry Tears” by Ronen Landa
Photography and layout/design by TRSR|HNT

Track Listing
01. Suicide Bomber’s Parade
02. Stumbling Blocks
03. Drifter
04. Shark Skin Humans
05. Liquid Beast [mp3]
06. Dreams of Sparrows
07. Bloodshot Mama
08. Mount Washington Blue and Red
09. Blank Forest

“In the three-year break since Ear Drung, L.A.’s Bizzart has stepped up his game considerably. On Bloodshot Mama, Bizzart expands his sonic spectrum greatly, seating melodic passages next to classic-sounding boom-bap courtesy of Alkalyne and Accident. From the circuit-bent “Stumbling Blocks” to the epically unfolding “Dreams of Sparrows,” Bizzart has unleashed an artful hip-hop record that comes off as totally sincere.”- XLR8R Magazine

“With Bloodshot Mama, you can tell Bizzart chewed his lyrics, grit, blood, and all. Bizzart employs a host of carefully placed and sampled strings, bloated beats, and electronic dissonance through his custom built circuit-bent machinery. Unlike the upcoming crop of noise-based hip-hop groups, Bizzart knows restraint. The abstracted scuzz always has purpose and never overtakes the song when unnecessary.”- Tiny Mix Tapes

“Bloodshot Mama, the sprawling new album by SoCal’s Bizzart, is the forcefully focused effort of a manic crew. Alkalyne and Accident teamed up to produce the album, and the best tracks are the result of further collaborations: Bizzart’s sound is magnified by the shocking artistry of Yarah Bravo (One Self) and AWOL One. It’s a sound soup full of delicious, spastic gristle and, thanks to collaborations, just enough lyrical grit.”- San Francisco Bay Guardian

“a series of sharp songs… a thick flow of rumbling beats and arty touches that is already an equivalent of classic rock, suggesting the early work of Divine Styler… sudden, striking moments…”- Ned Raggett, All Music Guide

“Bizzart’s work is… abstract, and production from Alkalyne and Accident is almost consistently interesting”- Prefix Magazine

“Restlessness and resignation aren’t usually comfortable pals (once you give up, you stop moving), but Bizzart mixes both: discernible lyrics are about separation from life, from family, maybe from feeling.”- Paper Thin Walls


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